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Legal Representation
Banking and Insurance

Banking and Insurance are the primary areas of every financial system. Their transactions have become progressively more complex.


It is vital for investors to be up to date with an array of regulation and legislation that involve today's global markets. The risk intrinsic to these activities can make a false step become a disaster, but at the same time, can make an accurate advice generate an immense reward.


BTA ADVOGADOS, LDA. is set to provide complete advice on a wide range of banking and insurance transactions. We are experienced in local activities, having developed, throughout the years, considerable expertise in national jurisdictions.


Capital Markets

Corporate finance

Derivatives and financial products

Export finance

Financial services and e-finance

Incorporation and licensing of banks and financial institutions;

Leasing and other financing transactions

Loan and credit facility agreements and related guarantees and securities

Project Finance

LOGO BTA 01.jpg